MYSTERYBOX MEDIA (MBM) is a partnership between Syd Kessler and Hagan Carlile that bridges the gap between content creation and the integration of appropriate and emerging technologies.


Syd Kessler is Canada's Marketing Hall of Fame inductee and has an international reputation in media innovation and marketing.


Hagan Carlile is an award winning creative director and has a specialized track record in emerging technologies.


MBM provides a complete solution for companies looking to explore new technology in advertising and media projects.


  • CONSULTS on navigating solutions with strategic production workflows and outcomes.
  • PRODUCES custom fabrication and technology integration.
  • CREATES custom content optimized for display systems.
  • PROGRAMS interactive content for consumer participation.
  • MEASURES results with systems that track participation and feed e-commerce.


(c) copyright, MYSTERYBOX MEDIA, 2015